March 18th, 2011


In Which We Win

Or, The Magnificent Bounty of the Interwebz

So, the Writer Monkey has never won anything much.  Except that trip to Vegas when I was ten, at my stepdad's company picnic in a raffle.  While every adult face melted off in horror/rage (so amusing), I didn't actually get to go.

Payback.  How's it spelled again?  Oh, yes.  Like zees:

Quite aside from the overload of awesome sauce that this was awarded by my #1 Dream Agent, I can't wait to read this book.  I plan to post what is sure to be a squee-ful review upon devouring.

And if this wasn't splendiferous enough, there's zees:

Evidently the many hours I've sacrificed to the ever-hungry Dire Interwebz have not gone unnoticed by its gods, and their bounty has rained down upon me in answer.  After the week I had, I sure needed it.