April 2nd, 2011

Don't Panic!

In Which We Interlude II

Or, We're Not In Kansas Anymore

What an exciting week + for the weary Writer Monkey.  The Tech Monkey's parents were in town, fun and exciting since we hadn't seen them since 2006 when we migrated from colder, northern climes.  I adore my in-laws, but you know how it is when in a Red Alert status of Imminent Guests: Flight of Bumblebee before they get here, Flight of the Bumblebee while they're here, Flight of the Bumblebee until they leave.  Then we all collapse until revived by banana daiquiris.

To make matters slightly more exciting, we experienced a minor tornado here in Tropical Storm Central. The Writer Monkey was so intent on completing her Character Wardrobes a la TWN she didn't notice the typical seasonal sprinklings had grown up rather quickly into a small tornado in its Terrible Twos.  A solid wall of white and sheeting rain blocked most visibility for some minutes, other than trees doing the limbo.  Then the power cut out for approximately four hours.

Thankfully we came out it okay--only minor water damage on one of our interior walls (this four days after we close on the condo we've been renting uneventfully for four years--of course). It could have been much worse. The little shelter over our communal mailboxes was knocked over; apparently the tornado blew through our front gate, down the main path where it took out a tree and shoved a few cars around before exiting via the back gate.  Luckily we're in the front pocket of the complex, so our cars are okay. Tech Monkey's precious, precious 1970 Porsche Carrera ended up water logged and the engine had to be manually turned over with a monster crank. This was right up Papa-in-law's alley, so at least Tech Monkey had help. The Writer Monkey's cute little red 1995 Beamer, of which she is quite fond despite a propensity for muscle cars, was closer to the path o' destruction, but came out of it fine.  Therefore her insurance rates remain unscathed.  Yay!

The Ninja Katz were utterly unfussed by the entire event.