April 3rd, 2011


In Which We Join The Circus

Or, How Did That Elephant Get in Here?

So the Writer Monkey has a rare opportunity here to kill two birds with a single banana.  Not only can she now try out The Weekend Novelist's program, she can now incorporate it into a writing challenge of the first degree:


Sign ups are currently underway for Round 2, and by incorporating TWN into my goal setting for ROW80 I can hopefully extoll the virtues of both in my Grand Master Plan For World Domination wordful endeavors while I test for effectiveness.  The idea of ROW80 is to set a goal (or goals), any goal in regards to writing, and reach it within 80 days, checking in twice a week.  This will work nicely with TWN's plan for completing a novel within a year by accomplishing certain tasks.

My goal is to have a rough draft of Act One (or 25%) of Big Dang Project complete.  Such a Big Rock will require a Big Dang Chisel to break it into more manageable bits.  So in order to accomplish this mighty goal while remaining true to TWN, here are the smaller bits I need to pummel to rubble (extended metaphors aside).

And since the Writer Monkey knows every story should have a beginning, middle and end:

In Which We Finishing Plotting 

TWN has three sections left for plot development: sacred objects, exploring working with more than one protagonist, and the working, dreaded synopsis which most writer monkeys fear and loathe almost or more as much as the dreaded query.  Each section is scheduled for two weekends, but because ROW80 has bi-weekly check-ins I'm going to condense each to a week.

In Which We Work The Scene

TWN works through building scenes and scene sequences, writing the First Encounter between protag and antag, and the climax for two weekends apiece, then the midpoint for one weekend.  Again, I'm going to condense the two-weekenders into single week phases. This will leave me time to continue to focus on all my key scenes, escpecially opening scene, inciting incident and plot point 1.  This will put me into good stead to begin the actual writing, while also giving me milestones to word towards.

In Which Get On With It Already

Now we're back on schedule for TWN's writing the rough draft for Act One.  I've got my characters, who have histories and wardobes and dreams and conflicts.  I've teamed up protags against antags.  I've plotted until I'm blue in the face, playing chess against the Infernal Editor, who just can't wait until I'm staring at the blinking cursor of death, trying to come up with the first sentence, and the next, and the next.  TWN allots four weekends for Act One, so I'm going to draw the writing out among the four final weeks of Round 2.

For those interested in word counts, this means that in order to complete 25% of Big Dang Project in four weeks (roughly 25,000 words for a fantasy), I'll need to output 6250 words each week, or 1041 words daily for six days each week (even the Almighty rested on the seventh, and for good reason).  Considering all the prep work we've done up to know, including extensive work on key scenes, I don't think the task will prove impossible as long as I stay focused as a tiger in the long grass.

So there we have it.  Two challenges.  One Big Dang Project.  A Writer Monkey and her blog.

I think I'm gonna need a banana daiquri for this, if only to use the peels to slip up any prowling tigers.

Watch out, Infernal Editor.  The circus is in town, where the tigers are caged.