April 26th, 2011


In Which The Proof Is In The Puddin' (& #ROW80 Check-In)

Or, Stunned As An Ex-Parrot

Ever have one of those days/weeks/months/years where you can feel the black storm cloud of bad karma dogging your every step?

I did.  The past few weeks have been 1d20 of Insanity, during which I never managed to roll initiative.  The Writer Monkey's day jobbery threatened to overtake her at every turn for a solid two weeks.  On Friday the 15th that felt more like a week of 13s all on its onesy, she came home cranky, exhausted, headachey, and not altogether her chipper Writer Monkey self.  Not even banana daiquris, hold the bananas, had any effect.  Bleak with a capital BLECH, my friends.

Then she saw an email from Intrepid Editor at Publisher Awesome, and knew it was in regards to the novella she'd fired off some months previously after diligently following The Weekend Novelist, first edition.  The last thing she needed right now was a rejection, so she drug her feet going through the rest of her emails, dreading the Moment of Truth.

We've all been there, right?

Simians and anthropods, a miracle happened.  It wasn't a rejection.

It was an acceptance.

My very first acceptance letter, ever.

Folks, this was the first time I even submitted this manuscript to anyone.  And I did it because of The Weekend Novelist.  As they say, the proof is in the puddin'.

Therefore it is my greatest, most splendiferous of pleasures, to announce my apocalyptic fantasy novella St Brighid's Cross looks to be published as a single title in electronic format with Samhain Publishing, Ltd in November of 2011, followed by print and electronic in the End of Days anthology in Fall 2012.  I will be joining established and wonderful authors Karen Erickson and Mina Carter in this endeavor, headed by Intrepid Editor Bethany Morgan.  Needless to say, I'm sooper-dooper excited to work with everyone at Samhain.

So, while I know I've promised Scene Making Shenanigans, it's going to have to wait until next check-in.  I just completed my blurb and cover art info (for which I needed character sketches and objects, among other TWN tasks), and signed my contracts (for which I needed a steady hand, but mine would have to do).