May 29th, 2011


In Which We Close (#ROW80 Check-In)

Or, Pilgrim's Progress

When last we met, I mentioned how a story's Closing Scene is the bookend brother of the Opener, and after working on my wrap-up this week it struck me as even more true than I first realized.

In my Open I had to be careful to introduce not only the main plot, but also at least touch on my three subplots, if only by inference; in the Close I had to ensure the main and subplots were resolved. 

Also, in my Open I had to make sure to include the object of FK's desire--a ship--was shown as being out of his reach. The wrap-up scene takes place on a ship he's taken charge of in order to resolve all dangling plot threads.

I should also mention the bristling bunch of pages, reference material and research I've accumulated since The Beginning. I've done a lot of work since January, though it hardly seems like it when it's parsed out in manageable bits. I actually feel like I'm writing the story now, a very exciting time. Besides, by writing out of order this way I don't have to wait until the end to write, er, "The End".     

This means after I work on Plot Points 1 & 2 I can get a word count together of my key scenes and then begin work on Act I (or the first quarter) of my manuscript. Of course, at that point I should be more or less filling in the blanks between Opening Scene, Inciting Incident, certain First Encounters and Plot Point 1. I want to be able to finish ACT I by the end of #ROW80. This will give me a break between rounds to work on other projects, and to reads lots more on the craft of writing. My TBR pile is growing mighty ponderous. 

Hopefully, by then I'll have my edit letter for St. Brighid's Cross so I can make it faster, stronger--I have the technology (namely highlighters, post-its and red pens galore). How I'll manage to wait until fall to do the Dance of The Magic Green Pencils, I don't know. The anticipation may very well kill me. I'm not sure I'll actually know what the Dance of the Magic Green Pencils looks like, but I'm sure it'll become apparent when they get here. :-)

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