June 15th, 2011


In Which We Engage In Fisticuffs (& #ROW80)

Or, “Hello? Testing, 1-2-3.”

I’m at a complete loss as to what to blog about this week. I know, it’s nothing to panic about, it happens to everyone sometime or other in their lives. If anyone has any questions for me, now would be the time. (And before you ask, the sky is blue because if it were green we wouldn’t know where to stop mowing.)

Fact of the matter is, I’ve been fairly busy writing-wise (always a good thing), so I think my poor exhausted muse is spending all her energy a) helping me multi-task between two projects, knowing my edit letter for Brighid’s Cross is no doubt on its way at any moment, and b) fending off the Infernal Editor with a chair and a whip, shrieking “Back! Back! Begone, foul fiend!” At the moment she’s collapsed in a divan, fanning herself and eyeing me balefully.

So seeing as my gray matter is a mite overheated at the moment with wonderful, wonderful ideas, time for a ROW80 Check-In:

Big Dang Project

Still working on the reconstruction of my opening scene sequence, hard hat and dynamite empowered. There was a lot of good material with my old one I’d still like to use somewhere, and since I write in scenes rather than chapters I’m putting a lot of effort into bouncing between using a hatchet on the old stuff and spackling in the new stuff. By working in scenes I keep everything under control and avoid adding fluff just to fill a predetermined word count (and driving myself delirious trying to meet it). This way, I let the story tell me how long it should be.

Trunk Exile

This isn’t technically one of my ROW80 goals, but it’s insinuated itself into my conscious and won’t let go. Awhile back when the whole novella-length books thing hit the e-Book scene and blew up, I submitted a paranormal fantasy with romantic elements to a publisher and was summarily rejected. It has languished in trunk exile-dom since.

Now I realize why (ah, the magic of perspective). The writing is certainly up to par, but the story isn’t new enough. New Orleans vampires? Puh-lease. I’m happy—nay, thrilled—to say I figured out a way to make it unique enough to follow Brighid’s Cross in a chronicles series I’m tentatively calling Keepers of the Flame. And I’m keeping the setting, as the Big Easy is one of my very favorite cities in the wholewideworld. So again with the hard hat and the dynamite (hey, this is fun.)

Brighid’s Cross

No news on the edit letter yet, which is probably just as well at this point, considering my writing schedule. Intrepid Editor has got two other novellas besides mine to edit in addition to her other projects, and me being the newbie, I know mine is going to take the most work. And I don’t want to submit anything else to her until I’ve learned what I need from this editorial pass. Someone much wiser than I warned me writing is like war—long bouts of waiting interrupted by short bursts of frantic activity.