June 22nd, 2011

Snoopy Dance

In Which We #ROW80 The Boat Ashore


Can I get an “Amen”?

All kidding aside, I’m pretty happy with my first experience with ROW80. I enjoyed it because it’s not built around a word count or losing sense of life during a truncated time period. I like life. Especially mine. I’m selfish enough to want one (although if anyone’s interested in an Infernal Editor, you’re welcome to him). And, as we all know, the surest way for me not to make any progress is to involve a word count.

A recap:

I chugged through my first two goals with little problem—finish my prep work and scene work for Big Dang Project. I did not however make my last goal, which was to complete Act I of a rough draft. Boo.

But that’s okay. After one or two rough starts I’m now well on my way to getting there. Plus, let’s not forget I’ve already got my key scenes drafted, and that’s nothing to sneeze at.

Life did get in the way, as life often does, but mostly in a good way. We had a visit from my in-laws, whom I adore, and a small tornado three days after buying my condo, which was not so adorable, but we endured.

I was also working on a Sooper Sekrit Projeckt in addition to Big Dang Project, and made my first sale. Samhain Publishing will be e-pubbing my apocalyptic fantasy novella Brighid’s Cross in November of this year, and in print as part of their End of Days anthology in December of 2012 (timing is everything, yanno). 

Also, Literary Rambles will be running a guest blog from me on July 5, as part of their Tip Tuesday feature. I really love Literary Rambles, and am thrilled Casey thought my tip worthy enough to share with the public at large. The sound barrier-breaking Squee! goes without saying.

Most importantly, I met some really terrific folks, and found their equally terrific blogs. Without the constant good karma swirling around I might not have made the final push to get my novella finished and submitted, which means I would not now be an almost-published author. So big thanks to EVERYONE.

Now we begin our blog hiatus, to return with the next round of ROW80 on July 4. Hope to see you here!


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