July 3rd, 2011


In Which We Declare Independence (#ROW80)

Or, “We’re baaaaaa-aaaaaaack . . .”

*raises banana daiquiri*

Welcome to ROW80! And, if you’re a veteran of previous rounds, welcome back!  Hard to believe Round 2 ended just a couple of weeks ago, innit? No matter how last round went, we now have a fresh start ahead of us, all shiny and new.

Let’s talk goals, seeing as it’s the first post of the round and my Infernal Editor is currently dressed as a hockey goalie.  I’m looking forward to making him eat puck.  He didn’t need all those teeth anyway, right?

1.       BIG DANG PROJECT: Finish Rough Draft

7/31:      Write to Midpoint (50% Mark!)
8/31:      Write to Plot Point 2 (75% Mark!!)
9/30:      Write to Close (100% Mark!!!)

This will give me from Oct-Dec to revise for agent submission in early 2012. Squee!

2.       KEEPERS OF THE FLAME #2:  Redevelop and Rewrite

7/31:      Finish Prep Work
8/31:      Dynamite original manuscript and rebuild
9/30:      Revisions/Final draft

This is my rehabilitation project, not a sequel to Brighid’s Cross, but a standalone in the same “world”—different story, different characters, same ‘verse.


  • ROW80: Two check-ins per week, with at least one lengthy blog post per week.  Also, seeing as Kait press-ganged persuaded me onto the Good Ship Sponsorhood, you’ll find me popping up on participants’ blogs and twitter accounts like some kind of crazed whack-a-mole.

If you’re feeling the Goal Love, or the need to take a potshot at your own Infernal Editor, find further inspiration and encouragement here. Or arm yourself with techniques for blocking writer's block on the slippery ice rink of story telling by visiting my guest spot on Literary Rambles, there, on Tuesday, July 5.

Good luck this week and be sure to have fun!