July 6th, 2011


In Which We Check In (#ROW80)

But We Can't Check Out

Why do I have this sudden feeling of deja vu?

Seeing as I just did a lengthy post a few days ago, and you're all probably tired of my voice, this will be quick status update. And so:

Goal: Reach Midpoint by 7/31

I managed to complete Act I before the beginning of Round 3 (gasp), so now I'm plugging away at the first half of Act II. I've spun down the page like a crazed repelling enthusiast for the next few scenes and am now tap-tap-tapping away putting it into words. We're building walls around FK's hometown and dealing with the overflow of refugees, plus having a heart-to-heart talk with Mama Bear. I'm also spending some time going through Act I with the Red Pen of Death in anticipation of providing it to Beta readers and posting chapters to OWW.

Goal: Finish Prep Work by 7/31

Finished redeveloping my plot yesterday, which involved a new Aristotle's Incline, a reworked Mythic Cycle, Spinning my revamped plot down the page and nailing down my sacred objects and attaching them to characters. I also used my spinning work to table up a chonology of scenes. Now it's on to reworking character.


Finished with my goal check-in commentary yesterday like a good little sponsor, and will continue the trend on today's linky list. Today I'm going to pull another First Chapter I've got queued in my list and get to work in anticipation of posting my review this weekend. I received a nice thank-you from my last review, and used an appropriate opening to participate in ROW80 as the anti-NaNoWriMo. My guest bloggity-like thingamajig went up at Literary Rambles yesterday, and garnered some terrific commentary.

So! Now it's time to cheer on the other brave participants! Make with the clicky, if you dare. Bwa-ha-haaaaa.                          


In Which The Official Sidekick Weighs In

Some of you may or may not know, but I actually have an Official Sidekick who is kind/brave/just crazy enough to put up with me all day at Ye Olde Jobbe. Not only is she my Official Sidekick at Ye Olde Daye Jobbe, but also in my incarnation of the Infinite Monkey. We have such scarily numerous things in common from one spectrum to the other we've decided we were separated at birth. The Official Sidekick (OS for short) is also known as Stunt Cate, so be warned--if you think you've spotted me in the wild, it may not be the Infinite Monkey you are looking for. It may also, of course, be a Jedi Mind Trick. Besides, I often have so much going on it's helpful to have the clone-like being on hand to stand in for me every now and again and make me roll for sanity on a daily basis.

As it happens, the OS weighed in on my Literary Rambles post yesterday. It was so hilarious I had to share.

It's a litany.

High Priestess:   “And yea, the Infernal Editor did snipe, and badger, and harass, and needle, and distract.  And yea, the author did summarize action.”

Congregation:    “Chain of Events.”

High Priestess:   “Yea, She did list an abbreviated Chain of Events.  And it was good.  And when the Chain of Events did fall into place, the Infernal Editor did flee, cowering in terror, from her mighty creative prowess.”

Congregation:  “MWA-HA-HA-HA”

High Priestess:  “Mwa-ha-ha-ha.  And the author saw that it was good. Please open your Weekend Novelist to Chapter 4, Weekends 21-28 – we will sing 'O Lord, Establishing Rhythm in Your Novel.'