July 10th, 2011


In Which We Have Sprinkles (#ROW80)

Or, Less Is More—a.k.a. KISS*


Remember when you are a kid and the best thing about, well, anything was the magic of the sprinkle? I spent most of my summers as my mom’s diplomat to punish relatives due to What Cousin Susan Said About Our Stacey At Her Wedding Regarding Her Robert’s Unfortunate Halitosis Which He Can’t Help, I’m Sure, or Marge and Paul’s Michelle Spiriting It Off To Halsinki Behind Our Backs With Dead Aunt Carol’s Troll Collection, When They Know Damned Well We Were Promised The One With Purple Hair.

Before the Grand Tour of Revenge, however, my first order of business was to make a beeline to nearest Ye Ole Yogurt Shoppe and load a bowl of frozen goodness with sprinkles, regardless of the flavor of said goodness. To this day, whether we’re talking about ice cream or yogurt, donuts, or a PB&J, for me it’s all about the sprinkles. There’s just something magical about sprinkles, so full of color and spirit.

Early on in my sprinkle fixation I learned a difficult lesson—too many sprinkles and you miss the main event, whether your taste runs to plain vanilla or Cherry Garcia. Or, worse, the main event collapses under the weight of an overabundance of sprinkle mania, i.e. way too much of a good thing.

See where I’m going with this? No?

Okay, lemme ‘splain.

In my guise as First Chapter Reviewer on Online Writing Workshop for Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Horror writers, I’ve noticed a dearth of over-writing. Being guilty of this myself more than once, I tried to discover where it the need to use an analogy, simile, and/or metaphor every third sentence or so. Or an average of eighteen adverbs in the same paragraph. All of which are valid and effective tools of the writer’s trade—in moderation. They are the sprinkles of your story—meant to clarify, decorate and complement. Too many and you end up not able to continue, what with all the sprinkles stuck between your teeth. So attractive, don’tcha know. Meaning, too much of the tends to slow down prose and action.

Use just enough of them, however, and you find yourself in possession of the perfect treat for your readers.

*Keep It Simple, Silly!


This Week In Goals:

1.      Big Dang Projeckt: Work on rather long scene sequence involving a hunting party gone awry, dropping Major Clues along the way. Also, poison, love triangle, and why farmers are farmers and not, say, hunters.

2.      Keepers of the Flame #2: Work on  Character Work (sketches, back story, dreams and wardrobes) for Protag, Antag, Romantic Interest and Helper.

3.      Mission Karma: As usual, I need to complete one first chapter review on OWW, and make sure I’m hitting my check-ins.

4.      Brighid’s Cross: Adding this one since I finally received my first edit letter from Intrepid Editor (not to be, under any circumstances, confused with my arch nemesis, the Evil Infernal Editor.) Got it this afternoon, and spent the rest of the day like o_O. She needs the updates by next Saturday.

Time to see what your fellow ROW-ers are up to, herewith. Good luck and sprinkles to everyone this week—happy goaling!