July 12th, 2011


In Which A Book Is A Book (#ROW80)

Or, By Hook or By Crook

 So Round One edits came in for Brighid’s Cross on Sunday. I was expecting a letter, but what I got instead was a reformatted manuscript with editorial commentary and marks. Strange thing is, my book is beginning to look suspiciously like . . . a book. O_o.

Squee! Bonus: My editor's favorite line is "Bound in a hollow of space and time, only those truly in need, without harm in their hearts, could find their way to its sanctuary."

Yes. Yes, I memorized it. Wouldn't you?

 Goals . . . They burns us, precious . . .

 1.      Big Dang Projeckt

On the docket this week is the siege of FK’s hometown by the Evil Mercenaries, long before the walls are ready. In the midst of the chaos FK has a revelatory moment and the Minstrel reveals her Sooper Sekrit Powers For Good. Also, we learn the king is dead (DEAD, I say!!).

2.      Keepers of the Flame #2

Still working diligently on character work. I’ve got the sketches worked out and now I’m dealing with my least favorite part of the process, back story. I did it as an actor in high school and I’m doing it again as a writer. I know it’s a necessary evil, and TWN makes it relatively painless, but still—blerg.

3.      Project Karma:

Second verse, same as the first. I have the First Chapter I’ll be reviewing ready to go, I just need to write said review and post it by Saturday. I’ve tagged all my peeps for ROW80 commentary from Sunday (*waves at 8s*); naturally I’ve gotta tag ‘em again for Wednesday’s check-in. On Friday I’ll draft my Sunday post on how to relax when tempted to give in to a Submission Woes Anxiety Attack.

 4.      Brighid’s Cross

 Edits need to be in to Lovely Intrepid Editor by next Saturday. Brighid’s Cross is a five-chapter novella of a little less than 20,000 words. According to Lovely Intrepid Editor edits are fairly light—mostly grammar and house style, since they use CMS (Chicago Manual of Style). I’ve been anxious regarding edits (no! o_O). I think I mentioned not too long ago writing was a lot like war—long periods of waiting interspersed with short, frantic bursts of activity. Well, I’ve been waiting for edits since April. Now the time has come for the frantic activity bit I’m excited to learn from the experience. My goal is to work through the manuscript with a fine tooth comb every day this week before returning it sans bits of bitten fingernails on Saturday.

And then we wait. Again.

Anyone know how to whittle?

Time to cheer on your fellow ROW-ers, and for me to ping my 8s. Follow the bouncing monkey . . .