July 20th, 2011


In Which We Almost Forget To Check-In (#ROW80)

Been one of those weeks, folks, and it's only Wednesday. It doesn't help the rest of The Tudors is now on Netflix instant play (pause for world-shattering SQUEE!! from the female population). This reminds me I MUST (as in REQUIRED) to cast John Rhys Meyers in an appropriately intense, creepy role in one of my stories. He gives me the chills in both good and bad ways as Henry VIII. Don't come for the history, because it will be more or less unrecognizable. Come to be entertained and to fall under JRM's blue-eyed spell.

So let's get this Goal Check-In over with so we can go back to being mesmerized work.


My scenes for this week have been spun down the page (love that technique) so for the remainder of the week I'll be putting them into words. I've got some great romantic tension going between FK and the Minstrel, so I'm pretty pleased.


As anticipated, after blood, sweat, tears, whining, begging, pleading, and enough Academy-level angst to fill Los Angeles, my back story work is FINALLY done. I needed to connect important events from the past in both my protag and romantic's interest's lives, so thanks to my research and Timetables of History I was able to figure it out. The rest, as they say, 'tis history. (Bada-bing!) On to dream work.  Brighid's Cross is all snuggly and warm with Lovely, Intrepid Editor. Added goal: Learn patience, Young Padawan.


Gotta continue to tag my 8s for Wednesday check-in (Sunday's all done). On Friday I'll write my First Chapter review for OWW and draft Sunday's blog post.

So besides being tripped up by back story (like I always am), things seems to be chugging along nicely. At the end of my writing time I'll reward myself with an episode or two (or three) of Tudors. (Take your hand AWAY from the Netflix and no one gets hurt!)