July 24th, 2011


In Which Life Is Short (#ROW80)

Or, Dream Weaving

Life is short.

Too short not to dream, too short not to do anything about the ones we have. Writers are by nature dreamers, because—whether sleeping or waking—that is where the stories live until our pens give birth to them. We dream constantly, slightly annoyed with Real Life tries to interrupt.

Life is also too short, and writing too perilous a journey, to let others (who often know nothing about it) to tell us How It’s Done, or Why You Shouldn’t, or ask us to Write Their Idea For Them, Because The Idea Is The Hardest Part. On the other hand, it is also too short to not do your homework, to educate yourself as much as possible about the business you seek to break into. Writing is like wine making—you gotta crush an awful lot of grapes, and wait an awful long time, before wine happens. And even then you still may find yourself stuck with a truly awful lot of vinegar.

It is also much MUCH too short to live in fear, whether of success or failure. The stories are there because they need, are fated, too be written. This is not the same thing as fated to be published. Nor is it the same as pointless writing. Every word, published or not, is a step closer to our dreams.

Life is too short not to be writing, simply for the joy of it.

And a great deal of the joy comes from dreaming.

Never never NEVER give up.


1.        Big Dang Projeckt: I have to work on a scene sequence wherein a boar hunt goes dreadfully awry. And, because I can’t (or, more accurately, refuse to) fill space with unnecessary fluff, I try to stay focused and ensure each scene or sequence serves at least a dual purpose. Spinning down the page helps me stay on track, and keeps the Infernal Editor at bay.

2.        Keepers #2: Dream work is done all three main characters. I’ll use my protag’s as part of my Midpoint sequence when she and her romantic interest/helper come together before First Sex. The romantic interest’s dream can be repurposed as the beginning to the Big Boss Battle, so I can keep up the stream of imagery and symbolism (not to mention momentum). I’m not sure about the antag’s, but I have one or two ideas. This week I want to work on Wardrobe. This means I get to go “shopping” for each of my characters for each costume change. My protag has an especially bohemian/biker style I want to explore. This also means I get to “cast” my characters before dressing them. This is one of the more fun parts of the process.


3.        Mission Karma: First Chapter Shooter for the Online Writing Workshop, high-five my 8s for ROW80 (Yo, 8s! Whattup?), and draft a blog post for next Sunday’s check-in.

Also, be a grown-up and refuse to game before my daily work is done. Even though the Tech Monkey, aka. the Darling Spouse, just installed the kind of video card into my computer that causes vertical liftoff accompanied by a choir of very impressed angels.

No time like the present to start knocking some of those pucks into the net past an infuriated Infernal Editor. While I go cheer on my 8s, why not add some encouragement of your own? Follow the driving monkey . . . here.