July 31st, 2011

Help A Bitch

In Which We Experience Technical Difficulties (#ROW80)

Is this thing on? Testing . . . 1-2-3 . . .


So Live Journal was down with the gators last week. I couldn't access anything, which also meant my Open ID was down, which meant I EPICALLY FAILED WHILE FLAILING in my sponsorhood duties. BAD, BAD MONKEY--no karma for you. Even when I could access Live Journal I couldn't sign in, or when I was able (finally) to sign in, I couldn't post. Also, still couldn't make with the commentary.

Alot of people have asked me, with quizzical expressions, why I don't give LJ the old heave-ho. Because I am willing to put up with the occassional brief interruption of service when it comes down to one of my core principals, namely, a little something I call FREEDOM OF SPEECH. See, LJ is the bee's knees in what some of us may consider to be far-flung parts of the world, like Russia. In fact, LJ is their main blogging tool and their government seriously hates that. My father-in-law, whom I adore and is one of the proudest American citizens I have ever encountered, is Croatian. He loved (and still loves) his homeland dearly, but he escaped during a time when it wasn't very nice to live there. He is now living the dream this country was founded on. But there are still places in the world where a basic human right like speaking one's mind is considered a big no-no. So if certain archaic government forms want to spend a week DDoS attacking my access, or whatever, then I say POWER TO THE PEOPLE and let them carry on. LJ will be back up and running eventually.

However, this is not to say I should not have a contingency plan in place (lesson learned). So I am building a WordPress site where I can compile all this stuff so when LJ deals with Attack of the Clones I can still fulfill my sponsorly obligations. BAD, BAD MONKEY!!

In shinier news, I received my Final Line Edits from Lovely, Intrepid Editor and my new friend, Divine FLE for Brighid's Cross. It's nice to know that when you send your darling out into the Big Bad World there is more than one person watching to make sure it's shoes aren't untied, even if you've check at least three times. Also, my book is still beginning to look suspiciously like A Book, only now more so. o_O

Am now doing the Cover Art whine, because I wants it badly. IT MUST BE MINE!!!

Lots of hearts, stars, and sprinkles to Samhain Publishing, who have made this process ridiculously easy, especially for a Publishing Virgin like myself. So friendly, so encouraging, so this is your baby and we respect that, here have a lolly while we make it even better..So we love what you're doing, keep it up, you are our new Favorite Person. For anyone thinking of submitting to Samhain, I couldn't recommend it more  highly.


1.  Big Dang Projeckt:

The boar hunt that had to go seriously awry has, and now Childhood Sweetheart is grievously injured and we are fighting to save her life, and the Minstrel is Making A Contribution. This means FK is now experiencing Guilt with a serious GUH. Also, we're about to be treated to a connection between former Imperial Assassin and one of our Dread Antagonists.

2. Keepers of the Flame #2:

Wardrobe work was fun (did you know Doc Martens makes sandals? I do now. They are the Bee's Knees as well as being the Cat's Pyjamas. Trust me on this). While I'd already spun my plot down the page, I spent the week going deeper for my key scenes (7 in all, from Opening to Close). I also have tons of pictures to work with for inspiration, from character (I love casting character--"Gee, which Really Hawt Guy should I stare at dreamily for the next two months. Decisions, decisions . . .") to objects to locations. This one has the added benefit of me actually having visited New Orleans several times pre-Katrina, living there more or less like a native, and loving it despite the smell, because 'tis a magical city and I don't just say that because I got engaged there, many moons ago. Some cities just speak to your blood, and New Orleans is at the top of the list for me.

Now, I begin drafting. Or, rather, re-drafting, since this is a Trunk Exile Redemption. Thank goodness for dual monitors, which will make it easy to cut, paste, and incorporate into the new rough draft, which I want to have done by 8/31.

3. Operation: Karma

See my previous reference to EPIC FLAIL. So, in addition to returning to my regularly scheduled programming of high-fiving my peeps, checking in, and First Chapter Shooter, I want to finish my WordPress site by the end of the week. BAD, BAD MON--ahem. Sorry.

So! Dem's da goals, and it's a bright, shiny new week in ROW80-land. Give a little writerly luv to your fellow ROW-ers.