August 2nd, 2011


In Which Food Analogies Happen (#ROW80)

Goalin’, goalin’, goalin, keep those dawgies rollin’ . . .

1.        Big Dang Projeckt:

Some really lovely waltzing happening between FK, Childhood Sweetheart, and the Minstrel. Especially since the Minstrel’s steps are unlike any others’, and the fact she and FK aren’t ready for each other yet makes for an interesting dynamic. Plus, yanno, the Guilt. The Guiiiiiilllt. Joss Whedon once said in DVD commentary for Angel that “when there’s no sex happening it’s all about the sex.” So true. I love it when everything becomes context instead of overt. Subtext is the bone on which the meat is built; the trick is to keep it lean. Keep the fat for when you absolutely need it—when the heat rises and you need the juice. Lots of juice in spinning my scenes down the page; in fact, I think I might be leaking oil. I’ll know when I see the Infernal Editor slip in my rearview mirror (always good for a laugh).



2.        Keepers #2:


Working on a new opening scene sequence for my redraft. I want to have all introductions done this week so I can work on my First Encounter between Protag and Romantic Interest (always fun), which leads right into my Inciting Incident. I like writing novella length because there’s nothing but key scene sequences to worry about, with perhaps one or two purposeful transitions. All meat. I’m striving to do this with Big Dang Projeckt. I don’t like fluff. I feel liberated when I can find connections and places to tighten. That’s when everything really becomes clear, like “sunshine on a cloudy day”. Too tightened, however, and you end up stilted. The trick is to find the music in the words: melody, harmony and backbeat, with possibly one idiot screaming "Freebird!" that can be edited later.



3.        Operation Karma:

Every week I try to critique a first chapter of a fantasy, sci-fi or horror novel on the Online Writers Workshop, and every week I find myself impressed with the variety and quality of voices out there, striving to become published. It makes me feel a part of such a great community. We’re all heading for Mecca, some of us on different stages of the journey, but on the journey all the same.


Likewise for ROW80. After last week’s epic flail in sponsor hood, I went and set myself up an author page on Wordpress in case LJ crashes again (which it will, through no fault of their own). As always, this week I have to high-five my 8s and draft a decent post for Sunday.

Also on the barbie this week: Dia Reeve’s Bleeding Violet and a marathon of Mad Men, which I’m enjoying immensely. How I do love to witness brilliant writing, done to a turn and garnished just right.