August 10th, 2011


In Which We Sally Forth (#ROW80)

Or, Tally-Ho

Gimme Some Goals


1.      Big Dang Projeckt:

I’ve got my next three scenes spun down the page in short lines of action/image/dialogue. Later this week I’ll do a read through and make appropriate notes before adding the scenes to my manuscript. I’ve got a lovely scene planned between FK and the Minstrel, perched up in a peach tree out of reach of a band of stampeding children. This is a really great opportunity for subtext. It would be much too easy to fall back on back story at this juncture. Back story is there to inform action and reaction from the characters, so I try not to overuse it.

2.   Keepers #2:

So Book 1 is set for copy edits and cover art (yay!). I’ve spun my First Encounter and Inciting Incident sequence down the page. These two key scenes are often one and the same when romantic fiction. I need to make my sequence in this wide-ranging genre unique in some way, and I think I know just the way do accomplish that. It’s also the perfect time to further develop the mythos surrounding the world I’ve built.

3.   Operation Karma:

I’ve got the first chapter I’m going to critique ready to review, which I’ll do during one of my lunch hours at Ye Olde Daye Jobbe so I’ll have it ready for posting Saturday. I’ll lay out my notes on Friday night. And, of course, there’s the little matter of high-fiving my 8s for ROW80. (Red Rover, Red Rover, send the EIGHTS on ov—oh, my there’s a lot of you.)

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