August 17th, 2011


In Which We Survive (#ROW80)


Or, You are getting verrrrrrry sleeeeeeepy . . .  *snore*

This is gonna be a quick check-in I'm afraid. I haven't had much sleep over the last couple of nights, and am now feeling the burn--or, rather, the lack thereof.

So, without further ado (or a-don't):


1. Big Dang Projeckt: I have my Harvest Moon festival sequence spun down the page, ready to be plugged into the computer when I remain upright without my head hitting the desk. I have to be careful with celebration scenes such as this, since I tend to describe the food in intimate, exquisite detail. So unless I want my readers dropping my book for Cooking Network, I'll have to keep reminding myself it's the music and intrigue that are the main events. I've been looking forward to writing the First Dance scene between our dear Fallen Knight and the Minstrel while Childhood Sweetheart looks on. The Romance! The Conflict!! The Guiiiiiiilt!!! Very few things beat a near-miss on a First Kiss to ratchet up the tension.

2. Keepers #2 Chapter 1 is in the bag, and I'm trucking along nicely on Chapter 2. Protag and Romantic Interest are circling another in the proverbial sense, in the way powerful, ancient beings do when they can't decide whether they should be fighting or tearing one another's clothes off. Or both. Antag is seriously not pleased. I hope to hit Plot Point 1 by Saturday, but we'll see. I lost steam over the last couple of days due to lack of sleep, so I'll try to get to bed early tonight. My novellas are only five chapters long, so I'm not terribly worried about getting it finished and polished before my self-imposed deadline of 9/30.

3. Operation Karma: I'm in the middle of reviewing a First Chapter for the online writing workshop, and will write my critique over the next couple of days. I've also managed to keep up with tagging my 8s on a regular basis to make sure no one gets missed. We seemed to have kept a respectful roster, size-wise, so it's nice to see so many people striving to make goals and writing happen.

Have a good, productive rest of the week, everyone!