August 20th, 2011

Snoopy Dance

In Which Things Happen (#ROW80)

Or, Dances with Goals

The other night, as I was meandering about the Dire and Strange Interwebz, when I came across
this. Which was so exciting I just couldn’t wait to do this.

Naturally, all these wonderful things spawned this other thing, more or less:

After all this activity I am rendered speechless, mostly by sheer exhaustion, but also by epic joy. *warm fuzzies*

So let’s tango with some Goals:

Big Dang Projeckt: Writing the Harvest Moon celebration and the near-kiss between FK and the Minstrel was fun, especially the latter. I also learned some pertinent details about the Minstrel and our antagonist The Traitor I felt I’d been missing (see? You can’t plan for everything). So boo-yah. Now FK, Assassin and the Minstrel investigate Murder Most Foul. The mystery! The intrigue!! The—yeah, yeah. You know the drill.

Keepers #2: In all the excitement I found myself brought up a little short at the prospect of working on the second book in the series. I fell back on the old adage “When in doubt, do research." This led me to a lot of fascinating research on voodoo, so I’m looking forward to writing that scene sequence this week.

Operation Karma: Seventh or eighth verse, same as the first: Tag and bag my 8s every day to make sure I reach everyone, review and critique a First Chapter for OWW for posting on Saturday.

Them’s the goals, so watch your feet as I boogy on past. When it’s safe to poke your head round the door again, take a moment to offer encouragement (and safety warnings) to your fellow ROW-ers. In the meantime . . .

Numfar! Do the dance of joy!!