August 24th, 2011

Don't Panic!

In Which We Poke Our Heads Round The Door (#ROW80)

Or, Hey, You Kids Take Your Hover Bikes and Get Off My Lawn

Oh, it's you. Sorry.

You didn't happen to bring a snorkel, did you? My Divine Muse is currently trying to drown my Infernal Editor and it's really quite entertaining.

How am I this busy? I don't have kids. I have a husband who contributes to the housework rather more than I do. I haven't been trolling the Dire and Strange Interwebz. My Publishing Team of Many Joys has been, other than the odd birthday card, relatively quiet. Presumably they are distracted by another, slightly manic, newbie author in need of petting and a calming cup of tea.

But lately I've been finding myself up to the eyeballs in Stuff. Day Jobbery has been a whirlwind of activity trying to get caught up. I've been finding myself in meetings, which is strange. I don't get paid the kind of money to warrant meetings. I get paid to stay in the trenches and bulldoze the work out of my Inbox into my Outbox. The result of which means I'm fairly exhausted by the time I get home and feel much disinclined to wander far from the nearest cocktail.

I have been working on my projects, nonetheless. Just away from the computer, in long-hand and lots of notes. I've found myself eschewing some of my goals this week, instead writing my synopsis for Big Dang Projeckt over and over again, and digging deep into scene, searching for Hidden Depths. I confess that as I close in on Midpoint I realize I'm also closing in on a Big Slump. I have a scene sequence planned for after Midpoint. I know Something has to happen directly after this sequence, in which we have a Big Reveal, fraught with Peril and Conflict and Angst. I just don't know What. It's all very blurry. I think I need to get to know FK's Dear Old Dad a little better, because I'm not sure how he's going to react.

I always feel an impending block . . . er, pending, as it were.  Kind of like a Looming Shadow of Doom before the Splat. And it somehow manages to block me moving forward at all. It doesn't happen very often, but when it does . . . SPLAT. It only goes to show you can't plan for everything, but I still need a better roadmap than the one I'm using.

What this means is I'm taking some time to step back a little to gain perspective, and reassess my goals. I think my brain needs a breather. I hope to have some progress made by Sunday's check-in.

So, until I can doggie-paddle my way to shore, why don't we all take a much needed break to offer encouragement to our fellow ROW-ers? (Ummm . . . can you ROW just a little bit closer? My arms getting tired.)