August 30th, 2011


Samhain Publishing on the move

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International digital-first publisher relocates, expands operations to meet reader demand

Aug. 29, 2011 – Cincinnati – Since its launch in November, 2005, Samhain Publishing has helped redefine the eBook industry, offering original eBook fiction to an ever-widening reader base. In 2011, riding a wave of dramatic growth in sales and audience, Samhain is now expanding further to meet reader needs.

According to Samhain Publisher Christina Brashear, Samhain’s growth is indicative of the power of the eBook movement. “At Samhain, our goal has always been to give readers a choice in fiction—so they can read what they want to read, in the way they want to read it. Whether readers want to download a new eBook in seconds or purchase a paperback of the authors they love, there is always a new story to enjoy at” Before launching Samhain in 2005, Cris was a driving force at the e-publisher Ellora's Cave, joining that organization in 2001 and eventually directing the company as president. At the helm of Samhain, Cris and the Samhain team have brought the best of eBook fiction to readers for the past 6 years, cementing Samhain’s reputation as the leading international digital-first company.

Several new developments for Samhain Publishing in 2011 include:

  • Best-selling authors: Samhain Publishing is proud to congratulate authors Maya Banks, Shelli Stevens, Lauren Dane and Lorelei James on being ranked among both the New York Times and USA Today Bestselling fiction authors. Lorelei James’s position is the highest Bestseller listing for any digital-first published author to date.
  • Extraordinary growth:  Between 2009 and 2010, total income for the company (and for Samhain’s authors) rose 98%. Trends are even more favorable for year to date 2011. Samhain is proud to feature the work of more than 600 authors worldwide, spanning all genres of romance and urban fantasy.
  • Unprecedented success of author promotions: While Samhain Publishing’s reader-friendly promotions have long been an asset to our readers and authors, a recent promotion landed Samhain author Lauren Dane on the USA Today extended list… for a book first released in 2006.
  • Positioning as the bellwether for eBook fiction’s overall success: In 2009, Samhain Publishing’s print sales were 23% higher than Digital. In 2010, the company’s digital sales outstripped print sales by 230%. Samhain releases print versions of its novel-length eBook titles approximately 12 months after e-release.
  • Expanded lines: In addition to its highly popular and robust romance fiction line, which brings more than 20 new titles a month to its readers, Samhain is launching two highly anticipated new lines in 2011:
    • Samhain Horror: With an October launch headlined by Master of Horror Ramsey Campbell, Samhain will publish two new horror fiction novels each month, featuring both established authors and exciting new voices.
    • Retro Romance®: Launching in December, 2011, Retro Romance will re-release classic romances of the 70s, 80s, 90s and early 2000s, now formatted to bring those beloved stories to an entirely new audience.
  • New location: After many years in Macon, Georgia, Samhain Publishing has relocated to a northern suburb of Cincinnati, Ohio, enjoying the business-friendly atmosphere of the Midwest while still working with authors, editors and artists around the world.

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In Which We Go Back To Basics (#ROW80)

Or, Going Back To Beginning

As we all know, and I despair, I've been stymied by an impending block waiting for me soon after Midpoint on Big Dang Projeckt. Verily, it's an angry bull in the ring moment, and I don't know if I'm the matador, the cowgirl, or the rodeo clown. The coming smackdown makes me a mite anxious, to say the least. I feel unprepared. And when I find myself unprepared, I go back to basics.

For me, the beginning is character. I'm having to take a harder look at my main antagonist, one secondary but integral character, and a third we never truly meet, except through the memories and experiences of others. I'm inching closer, close enough to realize what I've been missing, what I need to be in search of.

I began by taking a hard look at our Fallen Knight's Dear Old Dad and his story, because it's at Midpoint it comes into serious play, becoming a part of his son's story.  I realized, much too late for my liking, that not only did The Traitor and Dear Old Dad have a Sordid Past, but that the Minstrel's father was a part of that past. Comrades and inseparable, until . . .

Aaaaaaaand I'm stuck. I have the people, the dynamic--just not the central conflict within the backstory. I won't know how Dear Old Dad is going to react upon seeing The Traitor again because I don't know what the central seven-tenths of my underlying iceberg consists of.

So character. That's where we're at. Back at the beginning. Waiting for Vecini.  

Why not take a break and check-in with fellow ROW-ers? Sounds like a good idea to me.