September 4th, 2011


In Which We Require Tartar Sauce (#ROW80)

Because, ladies and gentle-monkeys, I am officially fried.

But. BUT. I think I may have squeezed past the worst of the blockage. And all thanks to my deep and abiding love affair with office supplies, especially the organizational kind. I am a devoted member of what is the cult of Franklin Covey. And so, dear monkeys, and I did some Serious Shopping. The kind that leaves my credit card smoking and whimpering in tortured pain. At the prospect of all the new shinies winging their way to my lair I felt inspired to prepare for their ultimate doom er, arrival by, as we say in the biddness, Getting My Shit Together.

This seems to have worked. I'm still a mite fuzzy on the details, but I DO know Dear Old Dad's reaction to encountering his once-friend, now-mortal-enemy, the Traitor. The very same Traitor he was instrumental in having exiled, and how his past entertwines with his son's own experiences with the man. I will have to tread carefully, filling every inch of white space with glorious, delicious subtext, but I feel I'm on the right track.

In the meantime I've decided to focus almost solely on Big Dang Projeckt until I safely bypass these treacherous waters. In the spirit of getting organized, I've also decided I really need to start busting through my mounting Goodreads and Netflix queue, so I've press-ganged dared my Infernal Editor into deconstructing and reviewing the Dread List of Distractions in terms of Valuable Lessons for Storytellers. If I've learned anything from ROW80, it's that progress is best had when it is accountable to somebody.

For the moment, I've learned that a cordless keyboard and mouse comes in much handily when one has spawned a lapful of Ninja Kat.

So the goals this week are to push my way through to Midpoint on Big Dang Projeckt, do something constructive, either literally or figuretively, to get my space and the surrounding area organized, and to write a deconstructive review on one book on my Goodreads list or one movie on my Netflix queue. And, of course, tap my 8s as a sponsor for ROW80, because that's something I really enjoy.

How 'bout sharing the joy and tap a few fellow ROW-ers yourself with some much-needed encouragement? Make With The Clicky.