September 7th, 2011

Don't Panic!

In Which We Do The Time Warp (#ROW80)

It's just a jump to the left . . .

It's Wednesday? Already?! Where did the time go? o_O

That'll learn me to take a three-day weekend. Sheesh. And Thpbbbbbbbt!!! X-P

So the Official Sidekick and I have been discussing Team Cate this morning. Specifically, regarding the perils of Shameless Self Promotion. Because, let's face it--there's an icky business side to this whole writerly business. Long gone are the days when an author may tuck themselves away in a garret, armed only with copious caffeine, a resident cat, and a thoughful expression, while Big Publishing pushes your book out into the reader's willing and waiting arms.

What? Don't believe me?

Stephen King guest blogs at As in, Entertainment Weekly. He blogs on pop culture. Yeah, it was a twist for me, too. But that's what Stephen King does. Been over to Neil Gaiman's site or Live Journal lately? He does stuff, too. And as far as I'm concerned, if Neil's doing something, it must be good, amIright?

My conundrum is that Brighid's Cross is a novella, not a novel. Also, as our Fearless Leader Kait put it recently, my community is one of writers. Writers are more or less the only people I have anything in common with, and it allows me the luxury of popping online when I feel the pull of the Dire and Strange Interwebz without ever leaving my drafty garret. Or my writing kimono. (Hey--Jo March had her Genius Burns cap. I have my kimono. Do not mock that which works.)

Book review sites that review novellas--paranormal/urban/apocalyptic/kitchen sink novellas--appear to be rather thin on the ground. While my delightful, amazing editorial team and equally delightful, amazing publisher will certainly do their bit (yay for Samhain being the top/most prolific e-pub on the PLANET), the onus is still on me to do my part. Facebook fan page. Goodreads. Shelfari and Amazon (once my book becomes available on November 1).

So, how does one runup to book launch with limited resources? I've trolled review sites until I'm cross-eyed and drooling. I've done some guest blogging, like on Literary Rambles, but--community of writers. How does one throw oneself and their book at the general public's feet? Especially with all the choices clamoring for attention? As a reader, I love it. As a writer, it's a huge Pain in the Patootie.

Especially when I'd rather be writing.

So goals. In addition to crawling over broken glass to Midpoint on Big Dang Projeckt, I need to find ways to prepare for a book launch in two months' time.

Got kneepads?