September 14th, 2011


In Which We Stare Wild-Eyed Into The Abyss (#ROW80)

And It Waves Back

Wednesday again. Where did the time go? It's not as though we were having any fun, or anything.

No, Wait. I tell a lie. We did have some fun. Namely this:

So BIG, HAPPY, SHINY, THANKS to Kanaxa for making this happen.

Also, my ARC arrived yesterday, so now we get to have what I call Fun With Events. I just need to define Events.

GOALS! I hit upon the groovy idea of switching my storyboards from index cards to Steno, giving me more room to work with. Also, the flipping of pages adds a certain flowy continuity that I like. I've done the prep work for the two scenes I need to knock out of the park this week for Big Dang Projeckt. Next week I face the dread "after" scene I've been, er, dreading.

And, of course, I need to tag my 8s. Good luck to everyone the rest of this week, as we head into the home stretch for this round of ROW80!