September 21st, 2011


In Which Another One Bites The Dust (#ROW80)

Hey, Infernal Editor--What Are You Doing Down There?

And so another round draws to a close. Like many of you, I did NOT accomplish all of the goals I set forth in the beginning, when the round was still all shiny and new. But that's okay. Fearless Leader Kait made a good point that progress is progress, and nothing to be sneered at. A Step In The Right Direction, after all, is still progress. Like Kait I am the uberest of planners, but I am often so rigid in my planning there are times I don't give myself room to breathe. I need to do that. Let's recap:

The Good:

Brighid's Cross: I made my first sale, an apocalyptic fantasy to Samhain Publishing, to be released on November 1. Much time was spent in editing and polishing and dying for cover art. It also opened up a series for me to produce with my Mighty Editorial Team of Might. This is vera, vera teh awesome.

Sponsorhood: I loved being an ROW80 sponsor, and if Kait will let me I'm totally willing to do it again. Not only good for the karma, but for the writer's Soul, often a neglected aspect of the writer's Career. Fill the well, people. It will do you much good.

The Bad:

I'm totally missing my stated deadlines for Big Dang Projeckt and Keepers #2. I feel somewhat justified in the time I spent getting Brighid's Cross ready to be published. However, I am much farther off than I intended to be by this point. By the end I was constantly re-evaluating my goals, some of which had to be dropped in favor of a stronger focus.

The Ugly:

You knew it was coming, right? I totally stumbled on Big Dang Projeckt, despite all the careful planning and prep-work I did. I think I'm out of the woods, but I think I was so intent on meeting a deadline I gave myself and only I cared about that I burned myself out between two projects. Somethings, like the Online Writing Workshop critiques I enjoy doing, fell by the way side. Round 4 will be all about balance (yanno, the balance I'm always preaching about but for some reason need to practice more). It just goes to show one can't plan for everything, no matter how much one would like to. Life, alas, takes great pleasure in throwing us curvy spitballs.

It's been oodles of fun, fellow writer monkies! I hope to see you all next round in October, where we will TOTALLY make with the goal-whipping. We will make those goals CRY.

Until then, it's time for a much-needed blog haitus (it's not you, it's me. Really. No, really really). We'll see you in October!