October 5th, 2011


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In Which We Rock The #ROW80

Or . . .

In Which We Have Goal Mastery:

Hob-Goalblin 1: Big Dang Projeckt

SO EXCITED. I get write a snowball fight scene. With snowballs and everything. It culminates in a near-kiss to ratchet up the romantic tension, which means my previous near-kiss moment gets ratcheted down a notch. Then I intertwine (ha! I made with the punny!) Plot A tension with Romantic tension to gear up conflict for the Big Reveal. Dun-dun-DUNNNNNNN!

Hob-Goalblin 2: Keepers #2

The sequel to Brighid's Cross now has a worthy moniker! Huzzah! I've decided, after many a false start, to call it Marked. World-building is coming along nicely, and I'm making a mad dash for Midpoint. I get to write a voodoo temple scene sequence, in which our interpid hero is warned of vile treachery within The Party. Dun-dun-DUNNNNNNN!

Hob-Goalblin 3: Keepers #3

I have chosen the trunk exile project I have deemed acceptable to allow back into the writing kingdom (i.e., the Light of Day). Hopefully it won't require nearly as much in rewrites as Marked (which started out life as something mostly different). However, diagnostic analysis will have to wait until I can triage my operating room, which is at full capacity at the moment. Hey, I only have two hands, and two sides of my brain.

That being said, I choose to unsheath my Pen of Many Writings, which, verily, is mightier than any Sword of Many Hackings (at least until revisions). Roll for Initiative.

Dun-dun . . . Oh, you get the idea.

Or . . .

In Which We Have Mad Snackery:

In Which We Have Dancing Prime Ministery:

In Which We Have Banana Daq-ery

And, of course, ROW80 Rockery (FTW)