October 16th, 2011


In Which We Focus On The Long Grass (#ROW80)

Or, "Hey--Where'd That Tiger Go?"

Alot of us (well. okay, all of us) are writers, so I'm guessing a lot of us have menageries of wild beasties at home, even if that term includes children and/or significant others. Me, I don't have rug rats, nose miners, or ankle biters, and the Tech Monkey (aka Darling Spouse) is relatively civilized, so I have cats instead.

Here's the really great thing I've learned from cats. Those furry little dudes can focus. I mean, really narrow in on potential prey and just stare the hell outta anything that moves out our windows, regardless of feasibility. Seriously, I've seen them go eye to eye with dogs large and small, squirrels, birds--not the cute wee ones that go "tweet" but the larger, more malevolent varieties that tend to be predators themselves--, alligators, the occasional dinosaur, etc.

Max and Cleo, known in the Supervillain world as Thing One and Thing Two, collectively as the Ninja Katz, are synchronized team focussers, often from multiple windows. One of those windows is the little bookshelf ledge on the long bit of my desk, which started out as a bookshelf ledge and long bit of desk but now serves as hunter's perch and recreational lounge for Ninja Katz. There are no books on said shelf, for obvious reasons. If something catches their attention--and it can be anything, including the small, localized tornado that blew through here back in April (yes, they actually stared down a tornado)--they go very still, cant forward, and watch whatever it is until it very probably squeaks in fright and wets itself. Or, in the case of fellow predators, strolls away nonchalantly as though it hasn't just lost a staring contest against smaller opponents.

I guess the moral of the story is, doubt (the sleeping, cuter version of Fear) is always going to be prowling the long grass, whether you've been published or not. The trick is to stare it down and stay focused. It may have bigger teeth and claws than we do, but the long and short of it is that Fear is just a bully. And we have all the guns.

It's all in the attitude.

In the spirit of staying focused, I'm going to hand my Divine Muse one of those big, noisy guns with the trumpet on the end and really dig deep into Marked over the next couple of weeks, setting aside Big Dang Projeckt temporarily, not because I don't love it (cuz I so so do) until I get a rough draft in the bank. Also, I have Brighid's Cross stuff planned, including a guest post/giveaway. Plus, I may have figured out how to manage a scavenger hunt. Lots to do, lots to do.