October 19th, 2011


In Which All Is Not Lost (#ROW80)

Except, perhaps, me.

Not in the literal sense, just in the sense the La Brea Tar Pits of Midpointery is garnering all my attention. Not slogging yet, but 'tis threatening to. I'm aiming the pointy stick, preparing for a decent runup so I can catapault myself over the floundered T Rex of previous, failed attempts. Marked is coming together nicely, if I do say so myself (which I do, and just did). I have made it stronger, faster, better than before . . . I have the techonology Scrivener.

Goals! Stat!

Bonus points: describing New Orleans in summer as being like the inside of a dog's mouth--hot, humid, swampy, and--well, yanno. The smell. I can't take credit, unfortunately, but I totally ganked it from one of the lurvly gents who run the B&B hubbs and I used to stay at pre-Katrina. He won't mind, and I've been dying to use it.

Wii-Mii: FINALLY. After weeks of (mostly) disciplined fitness routines and enduring the passive-aggressive tendencies of my Wii (not to mention the laughable inconsistencies) I can now happily report a loss of 4.2 pounds. Inna week (I'd restarted my goals in honor of ROW80). Thass right, folks. ONE WEEK. Other than feeling guilty for cheating on my Wii-Fit twice a week with sexy Zumba, I feel great. Makes me wish Wii fitness games would combine workout credits so the Fit can stop eyeing me accusingly every time I walk by. It's not you, Wii-Fit, it's me. Really.

The poundage, by the way, is calculated in BMI. My weight number hasn't fluctuated much, but since I'm gaining muscle and losing inches, that 4.2 shedding is pure, unwanted fat. Yowza.

And now, to counteract any Midweek Slump you may be experiencing, I give you . . .