November 2nd, 2011

In Which We Stare Into The Abyss (#ROW80)

And it waves back.

So, last week I was on vay-cay from Ye Olde Evol Daye Jobbe. Didn't go anywhere, what with no one to patrol the domain of the Ninja Katz, and the Tech Monkey in school for Mid Terms. But thass okay. I went in to the week like O_<, hopped up on stress and caffeine. I came out the other end like o_O and with a workable discovery draft of Marked. Yes, still hopped up on a little less stress and a little more caffeine. Now to put it aside for a bit so I can go back without the hellfire hang glider to see what it is, exactly, I've GOT.

Gasp. Sputter. Thud. Death.

In the Biggest Possible News EVAR, Brighid's Cross launched yesterday. Early reviews seem to be mostly positive, with one particularly lovely one HERE. *blushes* Apparently, however, it seems I need to work the romance angle a bit more. *shrugs*

I think the Tech Monkey is more excited than I am, if possible, because he's becoming the Infomercial King of my endeavors, trying to get everyone and anyone to buy it, regardless of reading interests. He also made me celebratory dinner, with homemade pate and champagne. I am one Lucky Duck, lemme tell ya.

So the rest of the week I think Imma take a break. And, yanno, BREATHE. And do some world-building for Big Dang Projeckt.

However, for those of you who need it, I give you your:

Weekly Moment Of Awesome: