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In Which We Step In A Goal (#ROW80)

And it’s STICKY. Ew.

Mid-week check-in again! W00T!!

If I sound especially excited it’s because I just got my new Franklin Covey planner stuff in, in addition to just purchased the live version of Scrivener for Windows. I am addicted to planning and office supplies the way I am to coffee and M&Ms. This, of course, means I’m already casting a beady eye toward the 2012 Writing Agenda of Awesome, much like the baleful Eye of Sauron. Oh, wait—is that a crafty Hobbitses I see, sneaking up on my writerly domain? Do they have a pretty, pretty Ring for me? Release the Riders! Bwa-ha-ha-haaaaa!!!

Ahem. Pardon me. Not sure where that came from.

But before I can get my greedy little fingers on 2012 stories, I have to first defeat the rampaging armies of my 2011 goals.

So! Without further ado (or a-don’t):

Big Dang Projeckt:

With snorkels and divers alarums, I’ve bounded back into the relatively calm waters in an effort to stir things up. I’ve revealed the Big Bad, and now it’s time for some major conflict between the town and the occupying army, with our poor, beleaguered Fallen Knight in the middle, who’s run from his past only to have it catch up with him. Next week I want to start work-shopping chapters at the Online Writer’s Workshop and possibly Stunt Cate, my Beta Gollum. But she just recently moved to a different state and is still getting settled in, so we’ll see.

Marked (Keepers #2)

Now that I have a discovery draft in place it’s time to start churning it, picking out the BCBs (Burnt Crunchy Bits) and turning it into a meditation draft. I want to have something shiny and pretty to give to Lovely, Intrepid Editor by November 30.

And, finally, it wouldn’t be a Wednesday check-in without your

Weekly Moment of Awesome:

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