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In Which We Do The Time Warp (#ROW80)

Or, It's Just A Jump To The Left . . .
Okay, I confess. My discovery draft of Marked reads and feels like I phoned it in. Hate that. HATE HATE HATE. Fortunately it's only a discovery draft, and I've got a self-imposed deadline of November 30th to get it into some kind of order. I can take more time if I have to, I just don't WANT to.

Also fortunately--because it's a discovery draft, I've made some, well, discoveries, of all things. Huh. Go fig. Among my spelunking endeavors:

Setting: I've decided that New Orleans of the near, natural-disaster ridden future will resemble Florence some ways--people access buildings from the upper levels and get about by boat because the French Quarter is now permanently flooded. Being New Orleans, the party hasn't slowed much, it's just gone rooftop.

Storyline: When first repurposed, my protagonist knew about the murders of some of of her fellow Keepers and is already investigating. Then I remembered the gods are hardly ever straightforward, so I've decided she doesn't know. The discovery of the latest will bring her to New Orleans and our faithful Romantic Interest, and she'll find out about the others during the course of the climax/catharsis. Yay, Stakes and Conflict! (*pauses while vampires scatter*) No, not those stakes, I meant--oh, nevermind. To Van Helsing with you.

KISS: No, not that kind of kiss. KISS, as in "Keep It Simple, Stupid". I tend to make things more complicated than they have to be, and not necessarily in the right way. I need to start simple, THEN raise stakes, complicate conflict, and generally beat the living daylights out of my characters. I tend to start overly-complicated, and then try to disentangle myself, only succeeding on getting myself even more tangled.

I also still need to focus on the romance aspects of Marked. It's there, I know it. Probably buried in the web of my over-complicated complications, like a catepillar. Eventually it will bloom to butterfly status, I just need to work at it some more. When it does, watch for thunderstorms.

Until then, have your:

Weekly Moment of Awesome:

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